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Tax deadline

The personal tax deadline is April 30th

If you owe taxes, the Canada Revenue Agency must receive your payment on or before April 30.

If you mail payment, you must allow sufficient time for your payment to reach the CRA before the April 30th deadline.

You can pay your taxes at the bank, you can pay at the bank up to and including the 30th of April.

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Canada Revenue Agency




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It’s tax time! Checkout this personal tax checklist


We will require your:

Legal Name Mailing Address Date of birth SIN Province of residence Marital status

Previous years Notice of Assessment or Reassessments and any CRA correspondence sent to you

Please make us aware of any dependent’s income, birth dates, status (university expenses)

Any relevant information on capital gains (losses) with previous years exemptions or cumulative net investment loss information

Any carry forward information on loss, donations, RRSP

Any foreign property owned at any time in the year to earn income.

If you provide in-home care for parents or grandparents 65 years of age or older, infirm dependent relative, federal tax credits may be available.

T3 - Trust fund slips

T4 - Employment income Slips (T4A,T4A(OAS),T4A(4PT), T4E,T4F,T4PS, T4RIF)

T5 - Interest and dividends from banks and investments, trusts etc.

T10, T2200, T2202, TFA1, T100, T101, T600, T1163, T1164, CTB, TL11A, T5003, T5007, T5008, T5013,T5018(Subcontractors)

Other Income:

Business, partnership, rental income, pensions, director’s fees, scholarships, bursaries, professional fees, Foreign income

Trading summaries of stocks

Real estate or oil and gas investments - including financial statements.

Registered education savings plans redemptions

Expenses for:

o Employment related expenses (T2200)

o Interest on money borrowed to purchase investments

o Investment counsel fees

o Moving expenses

o Child care expenses and child tax credits

o Accounting fees

o Safety deposit fees

o Mining tax credits expenses

o Business research and development

o Tuition (T2202), student loans

Details and receipts for:

RRSP contributions, RRSP - Home buyers plan or Lifelong learning

Professional dues

Charitable donations

Medical expenses (ask for summaries at your pharmacist, dentist, chiropractor)

Political contributions

Prior year tax installments

Please come in as soon as you have all your information slips.

Please, do not wait until the last minute.

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